Wardrobe Staple – T-Shirt Dress

We Can Do It - T-Shirt Dress

The T-Shirt Dress

Do you own one?  There are so many options available for t-shirt dresses.  Look for one that is flattering in shape and length.

Styled similar to above, you can wear a t-shirt dress to most casual events and functions such as lunch, shopping, movies, hanging out with friends, etc.

I own a gray t-shirt dress and find that I really do love it, and wear it quite often on the week ends.  It’s comfortable and goes with many of the items in my wardrobe.

Investment Piece – Purse

This Tory Burch bag is beautiful and the color is ideal for spring, summer and even fall.  The style can be dressed up or dressed down.  Even casual outfits like that shown above will get a bit of “upgrade” when you add this Tory Burch beauty.

Have a great week end, y’all!!


2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Staple – T-Shirt Dress

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I have been wanting a pair of mustard pumps for so long, but sadly, haven’t found ones that are a perfect shade, great fit and reasonably priced. The search continues.

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