Work Week – Thursday

Work Week - Thursday

Fringed Skirt

I loved this fringed pencil skirt.  Would I wear it to work?  Probably. The fringe is subtle and the outfit, as shown, is pretty conservative.  This outfit would be great for a creative office environment, too.

This would be a great outfit to wear to work on a random Thursday and then meet your husband for dinner.  It can probably be worn to church, dinner parties, cocktail parties, any number of occassions.

Peplum Tops

Have y’all found the perfect peplum top?  I own a few peplum tops and find that I don’t wear them enough.  It must be the fit.  As with all clothes, the fit is crucial – no exception with the peplum top.  In fitting the peplum, make sure the part that is the narrowest, right before the flare, fits right at the smallest part of your waist.  Otherwise, it all looks out of proportion.

Investment Piece – Bag

The bag shown is the Saint Laurent High School leather shoulder bag and it is expensive.  Beautiful, but expensive, about $2,000 at  The color is the perfect shade of red.  I have no doubt that this bag would elevate any outfit to the next level.  I don’t know many of the details for this bag, but I would suggest if you are going to spend this much money on one, make sure you do your research before buying.

Thanks for stopping by, my friends, Happy Thursday.



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