College Summer Capsule

College Summer Capsule

A College Girl’s Summer Wardrobe

My daughter, Ellie, is in college.  She is working and taking classes this summer, so she stayed at school.  When she came home last weekend she was complaining about not having enough clothes for the summer.   (Of course y’all know that she has plenty of clothes).  I believe what she was really complaining about was that she has numerous “random” clothes in her closet that don’t work well together.  So when she gets dressed for the day or for an occasion, she feels like she has nothing to wear.

That made me think about what a college summer capsule wardrobe would look like.  A capsule wardrobe, I’ve decided, is perfect for the college student because many of the dorms and apartments at university locations have small closets.  In thinking about this wardrobe, I came up with the items above.


In building your college capsule, start with color.  Choose a neutral palate first.  Above, I chose blue jean, black and white.

To this neutral palate, add one or two contrasting colors.  Any color would work, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, etc.

Above, I stayed with only one contrasting color – coral.  I chose coral because my daughter Ellie loves that color and she looks great in it.  When choosing your contrasting color, choose one that you love and is complementary to your skin and hair tone.


Most college girls have cut-off blue jean shorts so I had to add that in the capsule.  White shorts are perfect for summer and go with most tops.  In addition, I chose a pair of shorts that are a bit more “dressed up” and also a skirt in the contrasting color.


For the tops, I chose shirts and blouses that would be more “dressed up” and can be worn to class as well to more dressy events. My assumption is that most college students have plenty of tee shirts and tank tops in their closets that can also be worn with the bottoms shown.


A jean jacket is probably a must.  I chose a blue one, but a white jean jacket would work just as well.  In addition, a cardigan is great in that it can be dressed up or down and is perfect for those overly air-conditioned buildings.  The outerwear chosen would work great with the dresses shown, also.


I threw in a couple of sun dresses.  It’s always good to have these on hand for those dressier events like when your parents come up for the weekend and take you to brunch.  Yes, Ellie, please wear one of the dresses shown to our brunch, not the clothes that you slept in the previous night. lol


Just the basics.  I chose those items that would be most worn and in addition, coordinate well with the wardrobe.


All you need is one for school, for toting your books around, and a smaller one for shopping, movies, etc.


Choose a few items that coordinate well with your wardrobe and that you truly love.


Except for jewelry, I did not add any accessories to the capsule above.  Items such as sun glasses, scarves, hats, etc.  Most college students (like my daughter) already have many of these items and can simply add them to the outfits created by the capsule items shown.


I chose clothes that are relatively inexpensive.  Some of the shoes, the jewelry, the tote and the jean jacket are a bit pricy for a college budget.  I made the assumption that these items are either already in a college girls wardrobe or can be purchased by the parents.  Ladies, add these more expensive items to your birthday and Christmas lists.

The assumption is that these more expensive items, like the Tory Burch shoes and the tote can be worn after college as well.

If your budget does not allow for any of these more expensive items, no problem.  There are many similar looking items out there that are far less expensive.  Places like H&M, Forever 21 and Target have very affordable options.

Closing Thoughts

After thinking about and putting together the college capsule wardrobe shown above I am even more convinced that it is the solution to the college students complaint “I have nothing to wear.”

Ellie, let’s do this thing!!

Let me know what your thoughts are about the college capsule in general and about the one shown above.  Do y’all think this idea would work well?


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