Sunday Brunch


Sunday Brunch

The items shown in this outfit are beautiful staples that would compliment most wardrobes.  With the exception of the shorts, the rest of the items can be worn to many, many different types of events.  Replace the shorts with a skirt and you would be appropriately dressed for church, dinner, holiday events and depending on the dressiness of the skirt, even a summer wedding.

High / Low

This outfit pairs high priced items with some reasonably priced items.  With any outfit that I show, the high priced items can certainly be replaced by lower priced, similar looking items.  If your budget and lifestyle do not warrant a $1,000 pair of shoes, then don’t buy them.  Why should you when there are so many similar looking, lower priced items out there?

For example, I have seen much lower priced, high quality shoes that are almost identical to these Valentino beauties.  While at Nordstrom, yesterday, I saw that Sam Edelman has these identical shoes in the flat version.  They were on sale for $60.  I tried them on, (didn’t buy because they did not have my size) and loved the look and quality. BCBG also makes a similar shoe to that shown above.  Again, if your lifestyle and budget do not warrant these expensive pieces, then look for less expensive alternatives.

Sunday Brunch

Do y’all go to Sunday brunch?  Occasionally, my family and I will go to Sunday brunch.  Each time we go, I am amazed at how busy the restaurant we choose is.  It doesn’t seem to matter which restaurant we choose, they are all busy.  Who knew everyone does Sunday brunch?  Yes, sometimes, I feel like I am missing out.  🙂

Happy Sunday, my friends and thanks so much for stopping by.


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