More Summer Basics

Summer Basics

Summer Casual

The items above are about as basic as they come for summer.  A pair of jean shorts is essential – even for us older women.  A white tee is a must have, regardless of the season.  Who doesn’t need a pair of sunglasses? Summer sandals are quite versatile and a simple cross body is a necessity.

Keep Only That Which You Love

These Sam Edelman sandals have become quite the staple for the summer.  I saw them more last summer, but they are still popular this summer, as well.

I own the pair shown above.  I purchased them last summer and have worn them a few times.  I thought that I would wear them much more.  Unfortunately, each time I wore them, I didn’t love how they looked on my feet.

So, in an effort to only keep items in my closet that I love, I decided to give these sandals to my 15 year-old daughter, Kate.  Since I have given them to her, she has worn them non-stop.  They look amazing on her.  Although I was sad to give them up, I know that I made the right decision.

Ladies, even if you have paid a lot of money for an article of clothing or a pair of shoes, etc., if you don’t love how it looks on you, either return it (if you still can) or give it to someone who will love it and on whom it looks terrific.

Your closet space if valuable, fill it with only those items you love!!


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