Silver and Blue

Take Me to Dinner

Blue Dress

What I love about this blue dress is that it is so versatile.  Above, I have it styled more for an evening event, such as a dinner, or the theater, maybe a cocktail party.  Heck, you can probably wear this to a wedding.

However, this dress, styled with different shoes and purse can easily take you to work.  Add some conservative navy pumps and your favorite satchel, throw on one of your blazers and you are so corporate.

I own a navy dress similar to the one shown above and have worn it numerous times.  Each time I wear it, I feel confident, put together and sexy…and who doesn’t want to feel like that.


When wearing a dress like the one shown above, make sure you add some shape forming undergarments if you are not comfortable with the form fitting silhouette.  Many times, what is underneath and outfit is even more important than what is showing. 🙂


Do y’all own a pair of Sarah Jessica Parker shoes, yet?  I’ve not tried on a pair, but am loving many of the styles.  I’m anxious to see how they compare to other brands in fit and quality.


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