Investment – Underneath it All

Investment - Underneath it All


The rule of thumb with undergarments is to have three (matching) panties for each bra.  Do y’all follow this rule?  I’ve tried to follow it, but am still working on my panty and bra wardrobe.  I find that I cannot always match the two because of the color of clothing I’m wearing.

Neutral or Bright

Bright colored bras and panties are fun and quite appropriate for young ladies.  If you are a more mature women, stick with the neutral colors shown above. Even in neutral, these items can be flattering and sexy.  I see nothing old or frumpy about the collection pictured above.

Fit, Fit and Fit

Really, the most important thing about your underclothing, especially your bras, is to make sure that they are the proper fit.  Even a very expensive bra will look bad if the fit is all wrong.  Just as in clothing, it’s all about fit, ladies.

So, go to your closet right now…yes, I mean right now, and look through your bra and panty drawer(s).  Throw away anything that does not fit, has holes, (where holes should not be), is stained, or in any other way is not appropriate for you.  Now, neatly fold what is left and put it back in your drawer(s).  See what you have left, and next time you are shopping, fill in the missing gaps.


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