College Capsule?

Summer Stuff

Basics for a College Student

My daughter, Ellie, was home from college, yesterday and she and I were chatting about her wardrobe. She commented that she didn’t have enough summer clothes to wear. (She is staying at school for the summer to take summer classes).

I discussed with her the capsule wardrobe concept and how it would work great for college students considering they usually do not have large closets in the dorm rooms, houses or apartments they rent.

The concept is simple. For each season, have a core wardrobe of about 10-15 pieces that coordinate well together.  To these core pieces, then add extras such as shoes, tee shirts, jackets, cardigans or blazers, coats, evening wear and pajamas.

College Capsule Wardrobe

The pieces pictured above would work great in a college student’s capsule summer wardrobe.  The tote, watch and sun glasses are a bit pricey and can be replaced with less expensive versions. (Most college students are pretty broke).

The college capsule wardrobe idea is intriguing me…I’ll work on one and post it soon.  In the meantime, if you are interested in doing some research on the capsule wardrobe idea check out the blog the daily connoisseur that Jennifer L. Scott writes.  She discusses a 10-item wardrobe and how to incorporate it into your life.  There is also project 333.  I don’t follow that blog, but have stumbled upon it in the past.

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