Pumps Anytime?

The Rustic

Shades of Brown

I like the different shades of brown in this outfit.  I wore a version of this to a restaurant, the other night.  This is the type of outfit that can be appropriate in many settings and numerous occasions.  This version of a tee used to be in my closet.  After washing it, however, it shrunk and now it resides in my daughter, Kate’s closet.  I need another one…maybe next time I’ll spend a bit more and get one of a higher quality.  ( I think the one I gave to Kate was purchased at Forever 21).

Torn Jeans

What do y’all think about torn jeans?  I think they work great for younger women.  I’m not young (in age, anyway), but I have a pair.  I purchased mine at H&M about 2 years ago and have worn them many, many times.  The ones I chose are a boyfriend style, but the tears are covered with material underneath and they do not have as many holes as the ones above.  So far, no one has told me I look ridiculous in them, so I’ll continue to wear them.


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