Kimono for Summer

Kimono for Summer


How popular are these kimonos right now?  I see them everywhere.  I like them, but would probably not invest a lot of money on one.

They can be paired up with pretty much anything, shorts as shown above, dresses, jeans, pants, skirts, and even a bathing suit.


The shorts, shirt, watch, earings and purse are staples that you will wear over and over again, together and to mix with most items in your wardrobe.

I have this watch and wear it often…in fact, I’m wearing it now as I type this. 🙂

I’m loving that white purse – the style is perfect and white is so ideal for summer.

I love pearl earings, but only have a white pair.  I think I will add these dark ones to my Christmas list (no, it’s not too early to start adding to your Christmas list).

Chunky Heels

What do y’all think of the chunky heel trend?  Personally, I prefer pumps and more elegant sandals.  But I thought these sandals gave this outfit a bit more edge and fun.  I was shopping with my daughter, Kate, today at Forever 21 (Kate is 15 and loves that store) and I tried on some chunky heel sandals that had a platform.  How fun, and they made me taller – what 5’2″ girl doesn’t want to look taller?

Come to think of it, Kate bought a kimono the other day…I may have to go borrow that!!


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