Hot Yoga Class

Saturday Morning - Hot Yoga Class

Do You Yoga?

Hot yoga is one of the best exercises out there.  Not only does it work your entire body, but it also works on calming your mind.  And who says you can’t look cute while sweat is dripping off of you?

What to Wear to Yoga Class

Wear anything that is comfortable and looks good soaking wet, in other words, don’t wear a white tank without an exercise bra underneath.  Not a pretty look, to be sure.

I usually wear something like the outfit shown above.  The flip flops work great and are easy to take off.  A water bottle is a must and I like ones made of glass.  You don’t need a mat, as most studios have their own mats and towels.  Hair ties are a must and I like wearing a cover up to and from the class.

The Love / Hate Relationship

That’s how I feel about yoga…I love the way it makes me feel, but pretty much hate doing it – it’s so HARD!!

Since I started working again, about a year ago, I have not been to many hot yoga classes.  A shame, for sure, especially since I am still paying a membership fee.

I’ve decided that if I don’t start going again, regularly, I will need to cancel my membership.  So…this week I starting going to yoga in the morning before work.  What time is that, you ask?  I’m so glad you asked…5:45 a.m.  yes, I know…totally nuts!! Probably another reason to “hate” yoga.

How do y’all feel about hot yoga?


Investment – Underneath it All

Investment - Underneath it All


The rule of thumb with undergarments is to have three (matching) panties for each bra.  Do y’all follow this rule?  I’ve tried to follow it, but am still working on my panty and bra wardrobe.  I find that I cannot always match the two because of the color of clothing I’m wearing.

Neutral or Bright

Bright colored bras and panties are fun and quite appropriate for young ladies.  If you are a more mature women, stick with the neutral colors shown above. Even in neutral, these items can be flattering and sexy.  I see nothing old or frumpy about the collection pictured above.

Fit, Fit and Fit

Really, the most important thing about your underclothing, especially your bras, is to make sure that they are the proper fit.  Even a very expensive bra will look bad if the fit is all wrong.  Just as in clothing, it’s all about fit, ladies.

So, go to your closet right now…yes, I mean right now, and look through your bra and panty drawer(s).  Throw away anything that does not fit, has holes, (where holes should not be), is stained, or in any other way is not appropriate for you.  Now, neatly fold what is left and put it back in your drawer(s).  See what you have left, and next time you are shopping, fill in the missing gaps.

Silver and Blue

Take Me to Dinner

Blue Dress

What I love about this blue dress is that it is so versatile.  Above, I have it styled more for an evening event, such as a dinner, or the theater, maybe a cocktail party.  Heck, you can probably wear this to a wedding.

However, this dress, styled with different shoes and purse can easily take you to work.  Add some conservative navy pumps and your favorite satchel, throw on one of your blazers and you are so corporate.

I own a navy dress similar to the one shown above and have worn it numerous times.  Each time I wear it, I feel confident, put together and sexy…and who doesn’t want to feel like that.


When wearing a dress like the one shown above, make sure you add some shape forming undergarments if you are not comfortable with the form fitting silhouette.  Many times, what is underneath and outfit is even more important than what is showing. 🙂


Do y’all own a pair of Sarah Jessica Parker shoes, yet?  I’ve not tried on a pair, but am loving many of the styles.  I’m anxious to see how they compare to other brands in fit and quality.

College Capsule?

Summer Stuff

Basics for a College Student

My daughter, Ellie, was home from college, yesterday and she and I were chatting about her wardrobe. She commented that she didn’t have enough summer clothes to wear. (She is staying at school for the summer to take summer classes).

I discussed with her the capsule wardrobe concept and how it would work great for college students considering they usually do not have large closets in the dorm rooms, houses or apartments they rent.

The concept is simple. For each season, have a core wardrobe of about 10-15 pieces that coordinate well together.  To these core pieces, then add extras such as shoes, tee shirts, jackets, cardigans or blazers, coats, evening wear and pajamas.

College Capsule Wardrobe

The pieces pictured above would work great in a college student’s capsule summer wardrobe.  The tote, watch and sun glasses are a bit pricey and can be replaced with less expensive versions. (Most college students are pretty broke).

The college capsule wardrobe idea is intriguing me…I’ll work on one and post it soon.  In the meantime, if you are interested in doing some research on the capsule wardrobe idea check out the blog the daily connoisseur that Jennifer L. Scott writes.  She discusses a 10-item wardrobe and how to incorporate it into your life.  There is also project 333.  I don’t follow that blog, but have stumbled upon it in the past.

Thanks for stopping by y’all. 



Shirt Dress for Summer

Shirt Dress - Day to Night

Shirt Dress

Here is another dress option for summer.  The one above is cool, moves beautifully and the color is light and fresh.

This dress can be dressed down, for a day look, or dressed up, as shown on the right, for an evening look.  For day, wear it to lunch, shopping, errands, etc., for evening, wear it on a date, to meet friends for drinks or dinner, to an evening movie, etc.  I probably would not wear a shirt dress to a semi-formal or formal occasion.  It’s probably not appropriate for artsy events, either, like the opera, ballet, or theater.

Day to Night

I do this often with my looks-switching them up from day to night.  For the day, pair a dress or outfit with a pair of flat sandals and add a tote or a satchel.  For evening, switch the shoes to heels, and the purse to a clutch.  If you want to change up some of the jewelry, that’s fine too.  This works best with your more casual looks.  I don’t usually switch my evening dresses from day to night.  It’s not that it can’t or shouldn’t be done, it’s just one of my “dressing” rules.  I know, it is probably strange to have “dressing” rules, but yeah, I have them.

White Shoes

I love white shoes for summer.  At the present, however, I don’t have one single pair of white shoes in my wardrobe…something is wrong here, I think.  Yes, a bit of white shoe shopping may have to be put on my week-end to-do-list.

The two pairs pictured above are beautiful and I can see wearing them often this summer (and probably next summer, too).

Saturday – Summer Brunch

Saturday - Summer Brunch

Affordable Dress

This dress is perfect for summer. and very affordable.  It’s easy to wear, looks fresh and with a pair of sandals, some jewelry and a tote, it looks put-together and appropriate enough to wear to many places.

Wear it shopping, to brunch, to the movies, at the farmers market, etc.  I love pairing orange and royal blue together.  The two colors compliment each other beautifully.

Don’t give up your put-together style just because we are in the lazy days of summer.  With a look like the one above, you can be cool and comfortable, and still put-together.

I actually prefer wearing dresses to shorts in the summer.  I think they are much cooler and less binding.  What about y’all, dresses or shorts for summer?

Coral with Denim

maurices Contest: Summer Lovin'

Casual and Coordinated

These items would be ideal for a casual trip like the ones that my family and I take each summer to our lake house in Michigan.  Anywhere where the dress is laid back and casual would be a perfect place to wear these pieces.  What I love about a coordinated travel wardrobe is that you can mix and match any of the pieces to create several outfits.

I may throw in a bathing suit or two, some flip flops, sun glasses and a large tote to these pieces to make them even more versatile.

Even when “laying back” you can look cute and put together.  For your next casual trip, leave your tees at home and pack a few, cute, coordinated pieces.  You may have more fun…