Work Week – Floral Dress at Work

Work Week - Floral Dress at Work

Floral Dresses

Floral dresses are fun and comfortable.  I love wearing them to work.  I simply throw on a blazer and pumps and I’m good to go.

This outfit can be worn just about anywhere, church, dinner, brunch – any number of social occasions.

Choose a dress that coordinates well with the other colors of your current wardrobe.

Navy Blazer and Pumps

Next to black, my navy pumps get the most wear.  If you have to have only two colors of pumps in your work wardrobe, choose black and then navy.  (or maybe black and nude – that would be a close second).

The navy blazer goes well with skirts, jeans, dress pants, etc.  It’s one of my staples.  Choose a style and fit that works best for your lifestyle, body type and budget.


Well…I don’t need to say much about that, do I?


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