Weekend Denim

Weekend Denim

Denim, Again

Denim looks great with cognac and other shades of brown.  Mini denim skirts look best on teenagers and younger women.  On me, this outfit would look a bit “slutty.” (pardon my use of that word)  I would opt for a much longer denim skirt, probably one that hits about an inch or so above my knees and was a shade or two darker.  If you are young, consider purchasing a denim skirt.  You will be surprised how many times you reach for it.

Kendra Scott (KS) jewelry is so popular with young girls, right now.  It does look great on them.  I have a small, white KS necklace that I wear quite often.  I don’t know if it is the color, or the size that I love most.  It feels delicate, fresh and pretty.  I’ve tried on a pair of KS earings, similar to those shown above, and I felt uncomfortable in them – like I was trying to be 20, but wasn’t quite hitting the mark.  No one wants to feel that way – I’ll stick to fresh and pretty, instead. 🙂

Do y’all own a denim skirt or KS jewelry?


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