Casual Friday

Denim With Red

Denim Skirt

I’ve owned denim skirts since I was a teenager.  The lengths and colors have varied, depending on the style.  I think of a denim skirt like I think of a denim jacket – a closet staple.  They are easy to wear and go with almost anything.

I wore a version of the outfit above to work last Friday.  (We have casual Fridays)  My denim skirt is not torn, my shoes were similar, but less shiny, my belt was a plain red leather belt, and my bag is a satchel, not a bucket bag.  The look of the outfit I wore was more conservative and elegant – more in line with my style.

The look above is a bit more free-spirited.  This is one of those outfits that can work for any casual occasion.  If you are doing more walking when wearing this, throw on some flat sandals.  If you are shopping, maybe a cross body bag instead of the bucket.  Change out the jewelry for a more more dressed up or dressed down look.  Really, you can add and subtract from this outfit and it would still look great.  It’s all about the math, people.  lol


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