Investment Pieces – Pencil Skirts

Versatile Pencil Skirts

Investment Pieces – Pencil Skirts

A pencil skirt works well in a work environment.  I wear mine with blazers, cardigans, sweaters, etc.  I love all the ones shown above.  Not all of us can invest in all of these at once.  I suggest starting with the neutral colors like black, navy, and cream first, then building on from there.  The above colors are just a suggestion.  If you work in a less conservative work environment, you may want skirts with bolder colors and prints.

I have wide hips, so it’s hard for me to find brands that work well for my body type.  If I find a pencil skirt that fits my hips, then it’s too big for my waist.  So, the best practice for me is to buy a skirt that’s a bit too big then have it altered. Because I know this about my body, I usually wait for sales, knowing I’ll have to pay a bit more for alteration.

Wearing a pencil skirt with pumps always makes me feel professional, put together and powerful.  Who doesn’t want to feel like that?


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