Pool Party

Pool Party

An Adult Pool Party

One of the ladies who works at my company, recently, had a pool party.  I wasn’t invited.  (Should I be concerned?)  If I were invited, I thought about what I would wear to this party.

I would choose something like that shown.  A one piece bathing suit would be a must if you were with your work people.  When you are sitting in a meeting on Monday morning, you certainly don’t want your facilities director picturing you in your bikini (or maybe you do, lol).  Seriously, you want to be conservatively dressed (as much as you can be in a bathing suit).  Bring a cute bag to carry your towel, sunscreen, phone, etc.  Sunglasses are a must – splurge on these, since you will probably wear them the entire time.  A hat is a good idea, and some cute flip flops, of course ones that can get wet.  In addition, make sure your pedi is up-to-date.  Chipped nail polish is never in style (unless you are five years old).

I’ve been to the kind of pool party where you wear a cute sundress, stand or sit around the pool and drink frozen margaritas, but I have not been to (or avoided) ones where you actually swim.  I would consider these types of adult events…challenging.

Do adults really have pool parties – the ones where a suit is required and swimming is a part of the activities? Or does this just happen in California where everyone has a fit, tanned body?


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