Investment – White Dress

Little White Dress

White Dress

A white dress is a perfect addition to any of our wardrobes. It is ideal for summer and for almost any occasion – except perhaps a summer wedding.  White can be dressed up with heels, nice jewelry and a clutch. It can be dressed down with some flat sandals, a tote and a casual cardigan.

For work, just throw on a blazer, some pumps and your satchel, and you will look professional and polished.

I found a LWD at Banana Republic a couple of years ago that was a great fit, perfect style and made of a terrific fabric.  At the time, I was looking for a black dress and bought the black one of this same style.  I really wanted to buy the white one, too, but because of the price, I opted for only one.  Each time I wear this black dress (which I absolutely love), I kick myself for not buying the white one, too.  Lesson, ladies…if you find a dress that is an absolute perfect fit, – buy it in more than one color.


Summer Dress

Pack and Go - Hawaii

Summer Dress

This dress is so pretty, I may have to add it to my summer wardrobe.  I love the color and style.  It’s perfect for those long, summer days.  Add a pair of sandals, some simple jewelry, a pair of sunglasses and you have a put together, cool, comfortable outfit.

This outfit is appropriate for many summer activities – walks, shopping, brunch, meeting your boyfriends parents, watching 4th of July fireworks, etc.

How cool is that hat?

Work Week – Floral Dress at Work

Work Week - Floral Dress at Work

Floral Dresses

Floral dresses are fun and comfortable.  I love wearing them to work.  I simply throw on a blazer and pumps and I’m good to go.

This outfit can be worn just about anywhere, church, dinner, brunch – any number of social occasions.

Choose a dress that coordinates well with the other colors of your current wardrobe.

Navy Blazer and Pumps

Next to black, my navy pumps get the most wear.  If you have to have only two colors of pumps in your work wardrobe, choose black and then navy.  (or maybe black and nude – that would be a close second).

The navy blazer goes well with skirts, jeans, dress pants, etc.  It’s one of my staples.  Choose a style and fit that works best for your lifestyle, body type and budget.


Well…I don’t need to say much about that, do I?

Pack and Go – Quick Weekend Trip

Pack and Go - Quick Trip

Black and White

For a quick weekend trip, why not coordinate your colors?  I love the way this all came together.  It’s not a lot of clothes, but the outfits are numerous and so cute.  I think I need that maxi skirt in my life…

Do you coordinate your travel wardrobes?  If you don’t, try it.

Black Strap Watch

Yes, that’s my watch, again.  I’m loving this piece of jewelry in my collection.  I find that it works great for casual and dress-up.  It’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, right now.

Investment – Blazers

Investment - Favorite Blazers


What’s not to love…I would like all of these in my closet, please.  Would that be too much?  Nope!!

If you work in an office setting, you won’t go wrong if you start investing in blazers.  Blazers work perfectly for work. (Ooops, I just got jam on my keyboard…rule of thumb people – don’t eat jam while typing on your computer.)

Blazers work well with pants, skirts, dresses, jeans, pretty much with anything.  Start with colors you love and those that coordinate with your current wardrobe.  Find styles that compliment your body type.  If need be, have your blazers altered to get that perfect fit.  Even an inexpensive blazer will look amazing if the fit is proper.

Can you tell I love blazers?

Weekend Denim

Weekend Denim

Denim, Again

Denim looks great with cognac and other shades of brown.  Mini denim skirts look best on teenagers and younger women.  On me, this outfit would look a bit “slutty.” (pardon my use of that word)  I would opt for a much longer denim skirt, probably one that hits about an inch or so above my knees and was a shade or two darker.  If you are young, consider purchasing a denim skirt.  You will be surprised how many times you reach for it.

Kendra Scott (KS) jewelry is so popular with young girls, right now.  It does look great on them.  I have a small, white KS necklace that I wear quite often.  I don’t know if it is the color, or the size that I love most.  It feels delicate, fresh and pretty.  I’ve tried on a pair of KS earings, similar to those shown above, and I felt uncomfortable in them – like I was trying to be 20, but wasn’t quite hitting the mark.  No one wants to feel that way – I’ll stick to fresh and pretty, instead. 🙂

Do y’all own a denim skirt or KS jewelry?

Casual Friday

Denim With Red

Denim Skirt

I’ve owned denim skirts since I was a teenager.  The lengths and colors have varied, depending on the style.  I think of a denim skirt like I think of a denim jacket – a closet staple.  They are easy to wear and go with almost anything.

I wore a version of the outfit above to work last Friday.  (We have casual Fridays)  My denim skirt is not torn, my shoes were similar, but less shiny, my belt was a plain red leather belt, and my bag is a satchel, not a bucket bag.  The look of the outfit I wore was more conservative and elegant – more in line with my style.

The look above is a bit more free-spirited.  This is one of those outfits that can work for any casual occasion.  If you are doing more walking when wearing this, throw on some flat sandals.  If you are shopping, maybe a cross body bag instead of the bucket.  Change out the jewelry for a more more dressed up or dressed down look.  Really, you can add and subtract from this outfit and it would still look great.  It’s all about the math, people.  lol