Friday Travel Day

Traveling by Plane

What to Wear:

I like to wear comfortable, yet stylish clothes, while traveling by plane.  In fact, I just flew home last night from a week long trip to our lake house in Michigan, and wore an outfit similar to the one I designed, above.

What I would recommend wearing on a plane trip:

  • Black, or dark colors, are a good idea while traveling. These are less likely to get (or look) dirty.
  • Comfortable pants are a must, since you are sitting for much of your travels.
  • A comfortable pair of flats work very well – they are easy to take off and put back on while going through security, and you can walk long distances in them.  They also make the outfit look “put together.”
  • A cardigan, light jacket, or a rain coat work beautifully.  Airports and planes can get quite cool.
  • A scarf can be used for warmth, as well.
  • Jewelry is a personal preference, although I believe that less is recommended while traveling.  Normally, I wear the minimum amount – a pair of stud earings, one of my less expensive watches, and my wedding ring.

What not to wear:

Here is a list of a few items I would not recommend wearing (this doesn’t apply to young children or teenagers – these two groups of people have their own “comfortable style” when it comes to traveling, lol):

  • flip flops and most open-toed shoes
  • short shorts
  • yoga pants
  • high heels
  • work out, jogging, hiking shoes/boots
  • very tight jeans
  • tees with offensive or vulgar words, slogans, etc.
  • expensive jewelry, other than wedding rings
  • slippers, crocs
  • pajama pants

Obviously, the above list is very subjective.  Our current culture certainly considers all of the items listed above as “acceptable” travel attire and I saw most of these items at the Chicago airport, yesterday.  Personally, I liked the days when people dressed up to fly.

What to carry on:

What you choose to carry on the plane is a personal preference and there are many suggestions available on the internet.  For me, again, less is best.  I check a bag and travel with one single carry on.  When I do this, my experience in the airport and on the plane is less hectic, less stressed, less cumbersome and far more enjoyable.

What do you like to carry on?

  • Burberry trench coat – it has been so wet all across the country, a trench coat is a perfect choice.

Sam Edelman ballet flat – I love these and the color is perfect.  A nude pair of flats goes with almost any outfit and ideal for traveling.

Women’s Tumi Alpha International Expandable 4-Wheel Carry-On Black No… – Tumi luggage is expensive and certainly an investment piece.

Tumi bag – This is a perfect size for traveling and will fit most essentials.

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch, 40mm – I am a huge fan of this watch.  I do own one just like it and find that it works great for work and for play, and of course for traveling.


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