Friday Travel Day

Traveling by Plane

What to Wear:

I like to wear comfortable, yet stylish clothes, while traveling by plane.  In fact, I just flew home last night from a week long trip to our lake house in Michigan, and wore an outfit similar to the one I designed, above.

What I would recommend wearing on a plane trip:

  • Black, or dark colors, are a good idea while traveling. These are less likely to get (or look) dirty.
  • Comfortable pants are a must, since you are sitting for much of your travels.
  • A comfortable pair of flats work very well – they are easy to take off and put back on while going through security, and you can walk long distances in them.  They also make the outfit look “put together.”
  • A cardigan, light jacket, or a rain coat work beautifully.  Airports and planes can get quite cool.
  • A scarf can be used for warmth, as well.
  • Jewelry is a personal preference, although I believe that less is recommended while traveling.  Normally, I wear the minimum amount – a pair of stud earings, one of my less expensive watches, and my wedding ring.

What not to wear:

Here is a list of a few items I would not recommend wearing (this doesn’t apply to young children or teenagers – these two groups of people have their own “comfortable style” when it comes to traveling, lol):

  • flip flops and most open-toed shoes
  • short shorts
  • yoga pants
  • high heels
  • work out, jogging, hiking shoes/boots
  • very tight jeans
  • tees with offensive or vulgar words, slogans, etc.
  • expensive jewelry, other than wedding rings
  • slippers, crocs
  • pajama pants

Obviously, the above list is very subjective.  Our current culture certainly considers all of the items listed above as “acceptable” travel attire and I saw most of these items at the Chicago airport, yesterday.  Personally, I liked the days when people dressed up to fly.

What to carry on:

What you choose to carry on the plane is a personal preference and there are many suggestions available on the internet.  For me, again, less is best.  I check a bag and travel with one single carry on.  When I do this, my experience in the airport and on the plane is less hectic, less stressed, less cumbersome and far more enjoyable.

What do you like to carry on?

  • Burberry trench coat – it has been so wet all across the country, a trench coat is a perfect choice.

Sam Edelman ballet flat – I love these and the color is perfect.  A nude pair of flats goes with almost any outfit and ideal for traveling.

Women’s Tumi Alpha International Expandable 4-Wheel Carry-On Black No… – Tumi luggage is expensive and certainly an investment piece.

Tumi bag – This is a perfect size for traveling and will fit most essentials.

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch, 40mm – I am a huge fan of this watch.  I do own one just like it and find that it works great for work and for play, and of course for traveling.


Investment Piece – Black Pumps

Investment - Black Pumps for Work

Black Pumps

Over the years, my most worn type of shoe has been a black pump.  Black pumps can be worn with dresses, pants, jeans, shorts, etc.  They are appropriate for work, church, parties, dinners, and so on.

Choose one that best fits your style and budget, looks amazing on your feet, and is comfortable enough to be worn all day without any issues.

Below are several options.  There are many, many more options available.  Choose the one that is best for you and your circumstances.

Verali black pointed pumps $61 –

Diavolina genuine leather shoes $115 –

Office black leather pumps $95 –

Sam Edelman genuine leather shoes $190 –

Nine West black leather shoes $99 –

Ganni black pointy toe pumps $110 –

Hello world!

This is my very first post. I started a polyvore account about 4 months ago and have enjoyed creating outfit sets.

In starting this blog, I plan to take the sets I create and categorize them into several themes such as work outfits, casual, vacation, etc.  My style leans toward a more sophisticated, elegant, classic and a bit formal look.

Without labeling it, I have discovered that fashion, over the years, has (and continues to), play an important role in my life.  By important, I mean that I devote time and energy in dressing appropriately for any occasion.  That, and not keeping up with the latest trends, is what I strive to achieve with this blog – to give you guidance in dressing appropriately for many of life’s events.

Thank you in advance for reading.  Please feel free to share your thoughts with me, I would love to hear them.